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  • Pain Relief
  • Nail Fungus Killer
  • Ultra Antioxident Cream
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  • Michelle's Exotic Butter Cream
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Savannah Gold

Welcome to Savannah Gold


Savannah Gold is a family owned and run business. We started with the Savannah Gold Pain Relief. We soon realized how well the product worked and that when we put it on our customers, their pain went away within a minute and relief would last from six to twelve hours!

Although the pain relief was originally meant for arthritis, we soon found how powerful our product was when customers came back raving about how it worked for so many things, such as gout, migraines- this product even breaks up bone spurs!

Soon, we added our other products, first the Nail Fungus Killer which is a natural way of getting rid of nail fungus. Then, we added Michelle’s Exotic Butter Cream, which is the best moisturizer on the market. Finally, we added our new product the Anti-Aging Serum, which is the same anti-aging cream formula that many of the top stores sell at outrageous prices.

If you don’t believe us, please try some for yourself!

Thanks and see you soon!!!